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Our list of reliable sources for rare fruit (or even totally ordinary but delicious fruit) has long been out of date.   We desperately need someone to take this over.  An alternative would be for the individual chapters to generate lists of their best local nurseries and favorite online nurseries which we could then post here.  Anyone?  Contact us at

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  1. Dennis and Kanda Renzelman says:

    Could you please let us know of any local (Southern California) growers or nurserys that might sell, or be able to obtain the Thai Mango: Keo Savoy. We know we can find them in Florida but the shipping is very expensive. We would appreciate you help very much. Kanda and Dennis in San Fernando Valley. (818) 645-8852.
    Thank you so much for any information or ideas. My wife and I may consider joining your organization.

    1. Ronni Kern says:

      Alex, a friend at Tropical Mango Nursery in Phoenix, suggests that you “Should try Mimosa Nursery (323) 722-4543 they just got a big order from pine island nursery and I have seen keo savoy there in the past. Best person to talk to is Tom. “

      1. Kanda and Dennis says:

        Thank you so much for the information. This particular Nursery said that they are out of this type of Mango Tree. They may get some in at the end of summer.
        Kanda and I sure appreciate the feed back that we are receiving on this matter. I guess that we will just have to wait for the proper season and then try again. Thanks again. Dennis and Kanda

        1. Ronni Kern says:

          You should consider joining your local CRFG chapter. If you already have mango trees, you might find a member who could provide you with scion wood of your desired variety.

  2. Chuyen Nguyen says:

    Do you know of any local Los Angeles growers or nurseries that might sell, or be able to obtain the following avocado trees: GEM, Gwen, Rincon, and Sir Prize? Thank you so much for your help.

  3. Ellen Maisen says:

    Hey Chuyen Ngyuyen: Good news! Mauricio from Persea Tree Nursery in Fallbrook gave me permission to give out his phone number for GEM avocado trees. 951-440-1237. Please consider his nursery for Reed, GEM, Ettinger ( B cultivar), Hass and I know he has others but check with him for availability. We are very fortunate to have him here providing us with trees. He is a local alternative to Brokaw nursery up in Ventura county. they may be closer to you, depends on where you are, but they have a minimum order of 20 trees.
    Mauricio is local to San Diego county growers and close enough to Los Angeles to be worth a trip down here. He brings knowledge from working in California and in other countries where avocados are grown commercially with farmers and scientists. I am a small farmer here in Valley Center and I can visit Mauricio’s high density grove and pick up trees . Very nice for us to have him here!

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