2023 Scion Exchanges

The world-famous CRFG Scion Exchanges are once again about to begin.  Please check the relevant chapter websites for location and times.  Here are the dates:

January 21: San Diego, Monterey Bay and Orange County

January 24: North San Diego

January  28: San Joaquin

February 4: Santa Clara

February 5: Golden Gate at the Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill Calif. More details here

February 11: South Orange County, West Los Angeles

February 18: Central Coast, South Bay

February  25: Redwood Empire

February 26: Sacramento at La Sierra Community Center in Carmichael

March 4:  Inland Empire  focusing on Subtropicals at the Riverside Corona Resource Conservation District (downtown Riverside, 4500 Glenwood Dr.),  Please bring avocado scions or rootstock to graft, also banana pups and other subtropicals. There will be a 1 hour Avocado talk prior to the exchange.

March 18: San Diego will be having a second scion exchange focusing on annonas!

NAFEX 2021 virtual conference

CRFG was supposed to hold a joint conference with NAFEX in Santa Rosa in 2020 but you know what happened there. It was optimistically rescheduled for this year but again fate intervened. Now NAFEX, with some help from the Redwood Empire Chapter, has decided to hold an online conference in November.  Read all the details here.

Urgent PSA: For all California Fig Growers

The first alarm was sounded on the ourfigs.com forum three weeks ago.   Now the larvae of the Black Fig Fruit Fly (Silba adipata McAlpine) has been found from Santa Barbara south to at least Orange County.  The photo above is from Santa Monica.   If your unripe figs appear misshapen or prematurely dark or soft, please cut them open and check for larvae.  You can contact the state and they will send out inspectors who will take samples.  Their “bug docs” are currently trying to figure out a lure.  This is what they sent out recently.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://crfg.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/pestalert_blackfigfly.pdf”]

The folks at ourfigs.com are also worth joining as they independently track the infestation and hunt down solutions.  The fly has been endemic in other parts of the world so there is some research available.

If you — like the rest of the world — are buying more from Amazon these days…

…why not sign in to smile.amazon.com with your regular Amazon credentials and choose California Rare Fruit Growers as your designated charity?  It doesn’t cost you a cent more and helps us give you more of what you joined us for (well, except for fruit exchanges and face to face meetings in this Time of the Virus).

If you use the Amazon Shopping app on your phone, you can enable Smile in Settings.  Just tap “AmazonSmile” and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

And thanks from CRFG!