Nurseries and Plant Providers

Our list of reliable sources for rare fruit (or even totally ordinary but delicious fruit) has long been out of date.   We desperately need someone to take this over.  An alternative would be for the individual chapters to generate lists of their best local nurseries and favorite online nurseries which we could then post here. …

Annual Scion Exchange

Every January and February, our famous scion exchanges are held at local chapters. There are generally demonstrations of various grafting techniques as well. Sharpen up your knife and create your very own Franken-tree. Click here for dates and locations.

The Fruit Gardener

Our prize winning magazine is published bi-monthly. This is our current issue.

Click here to get its Table of Contents.

And click here for a sample issue from a previous year.

CRFG’s 21st annual Fruit Shoot…

…is now open. This is the 2016 first place winner: Eugenia multicostata from Antonio Morschbacker of Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Click here for all the amazing winners from the 2016 contest. For online submissions, please click here to go to the Fruit Shoot 2017 page in our Gallery. Then click on Add Items on the upper left side of that screen.

Yummy fresh pineapple!

CRFG is invited to many of the university-run fruit tastings around the state.  Stay tuned for upcoming events.

Welcome to the website of the California Rare Fruit Growers!

The California Rare Fruit Growers (CRFG) is the largest amateur fruit-growing organization in the world. We specialize in fruit not native to nor grown commercially in any given area; but our breadth of knowledge and experience covers the environmentally sound culture of any and all edible plants.  What we have learned is exchanged on this…

“I’m Jorge Ochoa and I’m addicted to fruit!”

Jorge Ochoa, Instructor in Horticulture at Long Beach City College, gives the West Los Angeles Chapter a brilliant talk on Passionfruit. As chapters provide information on upcoming meetings, they will be posted here.