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CRFG Publications 1969-1989 Index

For many years an index of CRFG publications was determined to be necessary and past due. Like many other time-consuming projects it needed a catalyst to get started. In 1988 Emory Walton of the Tri-Counties Chapter computerized the titles and authors of the CRFG publications for chapter use. That was the starting point. He gave me a copy of his work on floppy disk and I decided to expand it with pertinent cross-references. Most of the titles, authors and issue references were done by him. David M. Guggenheim assisted me in reviewing each article to decide its applicability to the selected headings.

The descriptive paragraphs are predominantly from:

A Guide to Tropical Fruit Trees and Vines
published by the Brevard Rare Fruit Council of Indiatlantic, Florida.

We wish to express our appreciation to Brevard Rare Fruit Council for allowing us to use its material and to Don Matchette, who was president of that organization when this project was started in April 1989; also, to Claire A. Guggenheim for keyboarding these descriptions and to Clytia M. Chambers for her many hours of proofreading. In a project of this magnitude, errors may exist. If so, I would appreciate hearing about them to correct future editions. I hope this index will be of value, not only to those involved in research, but also to the many CRFG members who seek the personal satisfaction of increasing their knowledge and gardening techniques.

George A. Frickmann
President, California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc.

This was converted to HTML for the World Wide Web by Matt Heffron, in December 1995. If there are any problems with the HTML version, please email me: [email protected]

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Index of CRFG Publications - 1969-1989
Click on first letter of scientific or common name.

Plant/Tree Descriptions
List of pointers to all of the individual plant/tree descriptions.
Information on ordering Back Issues of CRFG publications.

Explanatory Notes
  ISSUE IDENTIFICATION: YB = Yearbook; J = Journal; Year, # = The year and issue of the Newsletter or Fruit Gardener. (e.g., 1985 #2 is 1985 issue number 2 of the quarterly Newsletter; 1988 #4 is the 1988 issue number 4 of the Fruit Gardener.)
  ABBREVIATIONS: VAR = Variety (a sub-species). CV, cv = Cultivar (a clone of a species having minor variances from the species or special attributes such as texture, color, flavor, etc. May be natural or cultivated).
* p, pp = page, pages.
  590 CROSS REFERENCES between botanical and common names. Those followed by "See ---" relate to the headings referred to. All others are included for informational purposes.
  250 PLANT/TREE DESCRIPTIONS may not always relate to articles that have been published by CRFG; however, they were included for informational purposes. For convenience, there is also a list of pointers to all of the individual descriptions.

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