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CRFG Publications Currently Out of Print

For books not listed here, try the CRFG Association with Book Service.

Books will be shipped "Book rate" which has a 4-10 week estimated shipping time. If you want your purchase delivered sooner, contact "The Marketplace" at the address/phone/email address above.

Prices shown are effective January 1, 2009. Increases shown primarily reflect increased shipping and handling costs including escalating reprint charges.

Title Price
Fruit Gardener back issues, single copy $6.00
Fruit Gardener out-of-print, photocopied $10.00
Avocado Grower's Handbook (reprint) by Frank Koch, ed. by Paul Thomson
(273 pp) (review)
The Fig: Its Biology, History, Culture & Utilization by Storey, et al
(94 pp)
Flora Amazonica Boliviana (in Spanish) by N.K. Mercado
(89 pp, 5.5x8.5")
Jujube Primer & Source Book by Roger Meyer and Robert R. Chambers
(267 pp, spiral bound, 8.5x11")
CRFG Fruit Facts. Available on-line!  
CRFG Fruit Facts - Volume 1
(Avocado, Banana, Carambola, Cherimoya, Currants, Feijoa, Fig, Gooseberry, Jaboticaba, Jackfruit, Jujube, Lychee, Malabar [Guiana] Chestnut, Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, Raisin Tree, Rose Apple, Sapodilla, Tamarind, Tropical Guava, White Sapote)
Complete set of 22, bound. Unbound by special request only.
CRFG Fruit Facts - Volume 2
(Acerola, Babaco, Cape Gooseberry, Capulin Cherry, Hardy Kiwifruit, Kiwifruit, Loquat, Macadamia, Miracle Fruit, Mulberry, Muscadine Grape, Olive, Passion Fruit, Pawpaw, Pepino Dulce, Persimon, Pistachio, Pomegranate, Tamarillo)
Complete set of 19, bound. Unbound by special request only.
CRFG Fruit Facts - Volume 3
(Order by individual fruit)
CRFG Fruit List 1994-95
Available on-line!
CRFG Index of Publications 1969-89 (Printed copy)
Available on-line!
(foreign airmail: $8.75)
Solanaceae Newsletters
(spiral bound set 1985-1988 reprint) by John Riley
(166 pp, 8.5x11")
CRFG Journal 1980-88; Set $11.00
CRFG Yearbook 1980-83; Set $12.00
The following are available only to CRFG members.  
CRFG 3" Cloth Patches $3.00
CRFG Decals
(1 dozen $10.00)
CRFG Name Badges (See below) $6.00
CRFG Logo Pins $4.00
CRFG T-shirts (indicate size: M, L, X/L)
Color: Natural


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  2. Shipping and handling costs for foreign orders are highly variable, shipped exclusively by air and must be separately quoted.
  3. All payments must be in US dollars, paid by cash, check, money order or via PayPal (for orders over $10). Currently credit cards cannot be accepted except via PayPal.
  4. See contact information at the top of the page
  5. When possible, please use the email address above for inquiries and rapid price confirmations.
  6. Photocopies of document articles cost $0.75 per page plus $1.00 for S&H. Entire FG magazines can be photocopied for $12 ea if out of print.

CRFG Name Badge Service

Many CRFG folks have purchased the “name badge” from the Marketplace but received a three-piece kit of parts and an instruction sheet. They had to arrange their own engraving and assembly of the parts. Engraving shops often charged an extra setup fee for the one badge being produced. Now when you buy a name badge kit from The Marketplace, you can also order the assembly and engraving service for $5.50 each badge plus the cost of the kit, for a total of $10.50 each. The price includes ground shipping in the U.S. If a chapter wishes to order in batches of 10 or more the unit price will be reduced to $5.00 for a total of $10.00 each. Two lines can be shown on the badge: chapter name and member name. Subscribers with no chapter membership can show just their names.

Badge Engraving Service: Special arrangements have been made to engrave name badges without the normal “front-end” setup charges. The vendor will engrave and assemble one badge for $5.50 or $5.00 each for 10 or more with the same chapter name. Badge kit cost is added to these prices.

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