Location:  South Coast Botanic Garden

26300 Crenshaw Blvd; Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274 Classroom A near the entrance area.

(location may change on occasion see description below if changed)

(It is free to attend the chapter talks without paying to enter the gardens)

NOTE: Please bring fresh fruit or a dish for sharing

Saturday, January 18 (2 events)

@ 10am :Grafting meeting

    Demonstrations of various grafting techniques

@ 12:30pm Free Pruning Workshop

After the grafting demonstration, bonus event

(until 3pm)

A great free hands-on workshop for learning how to prune the various fruit orchard trees at the South Coast Botanic Garden follows the grafting demonstration meeting for those who want information by experts on pruning.  In addition to providing a ride to the orchard, the Gardens will provide loppers, gloves, rakes, and mulching tools.  Optional learning tasks may include pruning, fertilizing/soil building, mulching, and weeding.   

NOTE: Thursday, Jan. 23rd, a 2nd work party, will be discussed and decided on, at the Saturday, Jan. 18 grafting demonstration meeting.

February 15 @ 10am : Scion exchange meeting

   Share lots of fruit tree scions to use for grafting

Dues Payment (per family)
1 Year $12.00 USD
2 years $24.00 USD
3 years $36.00 USD