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Back issues of CRFG publications shown here can be ordered by mailing a check or money order in US funds made out to “CRFG, Inc. ”, together with your written request.  Send to:

CRFG Marketplace
1022 San Adriano
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405-6113

Prices:  Prices for documents ordered are set on this web page only and are effective as of May 2005.  Prices shown with document descriptions on other pages of the CRFG website are over the counter prices, out of date, and do not reflect shipping expenses, taxes etc.   Prices shown here include shipping by surface transportation (land and/or sea).  Accelerated delivery is available by special arrangements.  Send email to [email protected] for quotation.

Yearbooks and Journals

  • Volumes 1 (1969) to  8 (1976) – Out of print
  • Volumes 9 (1977) to 11 (1979) - $10 ea US,  $11 Foreign
  • Volumes 12 (1980) to 15 (1983) - $5.75ea US, $7 Foreign
  • Volumes 16 (1984) to 20 (1988) - $10 ea US,  $11 Foreign
  • Volume 21 (1989) – Out of print

20 Year Index of CRFG Publications  (1969-1989)  - Includes cross- references and descriptions of 250 rare and unusual edible plants.  Photocopies available at $5.00 US; Foreign - $7.75

Fruit Gardener

 Volumes 22 (1990) to current:  US $5.75, Foreign $7 while supply lasts

Out of Print Copies


Out of print (OOP) copies of CRFG documents or individual articles within documents will be photocopied (generally in B&W”) for $1.00 plus $0.50 for per additional page for US orders.  Foreign orders add $0.50 (postage) for each group of 6 pages.  These prices are computed per article, e.g. two ea 2 page articles cost $3 not $2.50.  An entire OOP Fruit Gardener Issue can be copied for $10 (US & Foreign).  The cost for other complete documents that are OOP vary with size. Contact the Marketplace through the above web address for a cost estimate. 


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