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Volume 47, No. 3 - May & June 2015

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Fruit Gardener March/April 2011 cover

Photo by Carol McArdle– Ft. Myers, Fla.


Coffee Over the Centuries
This is the third of several articles Bob Vieth wrote a few years ago for the University of California’s Ventura-Santa Barbara Extension Office. Like the two that have appeared in the first two issues of this year, one on longans, and one on passion fruit, it is slightly adapted and updated, and photos have been added from other sources to enhance its content.
Cleaning Honeycombs with Ozone
An important two-stage study by Agricultural Research Service scientists revealed that fumigation using ozone, a highly reactive state of oxygen, can be effective against three different classes of organisms that seriously degrade or act as pathogens on honey bee hives. Recent results suggest that this treatment may also help reduce pesticide levels in combs.
Honey Bee Diseases Strike in All Seasons
In studying mysterious ailments of honey bees, Agricultural Research Service scientists discovered that two of the Spiroplasma pathogens causing them may be a problem year round, not only in the spring, as was originally thought. Further, depending on prevalence, it appears that the presence of either organism can make bees more susceptible to the other.
Festival of Fruit 2015
The California Rare Fruit Growers’ annual convention, the Festival of Fruit, returns to the mild clime of beautiful San Diego. This year the theme features drought-tolerant fruits.
South Florida’s Seagrape
Whether one calls it seagrape, sea grape or prefers another appellation, they speak of a benign fruiting plant that grows naturally along many beaches in southern latitudes. The plant is attractive in form and foliage, and produces loads of delicious, useful fruit. Of course, Jamlady as usual had ideas of how to use its fruit in tasty ways. She also found Carol McArdle, a successful Florida-based artist who graciously allowed us to use three pieces of her work.
Ask the Experts or [email protected]?
This is an attempt to return attention once again to the need for an “Ask the Experts” Q&A section for the Fruit Gardener, in addition to the [email protected] forum online. Volunteerism will be the final arbiter of whether crfg should try to revive this popular member benefit.

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