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Volume 47, No. 1 - January & February 2015

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Fruit Gardener March/April 2011 cover

Photo by Darlene Hayes


Longan, or Dragon’s Eye
A few years ago Bob Vieth wrote a series of informative articles for the University of California’s Ventura-Santa Barbara Extension Office. This is one of them, adapted slightly for the Fruit Gardener. This information is just as valuable to know now as it was then.
The Lost Fruit of the Sierra Nevada
Sometime back Darlene Hayes joined crfg to learn more about how best to care for her steadily expanding orchard heirloom fruits. We’re sure glad she stuck around. A number of members are intensely devoted to heirloom fruits, and this story may well add to their ranks.
Pawpaw: North America’s Solitary Annonaceous Fruit?
When she set out to write about pawpaw, or Asimina triloba, Bev Alfeld got more information than she expected. A wealth of botanical information on the web is there for those willing to go after it. The trouble is that it can be conflicting or even misleading. Sorting that out was quite educational, and the end product was enhanced quite a lot with help from a pawpaw expert.
Grow “Chocolate” for Your Valentine
Lee Reich had the right idea with this brief but quite interesing story about ornamental
annuals and perennials that are scented or even flavored additions to one’s garden. But they
are also rather nice as gifts for Valentines Day, and lasting mementos to have in any garden.

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