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Volume 46, No. 2 - March & April 2014

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Fruit Gardener March/April 2014 cover

Photo by Art DeKleine


Best of Both Worlds Overview
Phil Pieri felt led to write a quick review of the Best of Both Worlds Conference in Hawaii late last year, while the adventure was still fresh in his mind. Combining Phil's story with great photos furnished by Art DeKleine, Jenny Hom and Joe Sabol makes the account complete.
Lake Alfred, Florida
Jamlady never just sits still during liesure time; she generally starts digging into any situation to see what makes things tick. In this mode while in the role of snowbird, she began looking at the dread citrus greening disease in Florida, and ended up examining how the residents of Lake Alfred, Florida, have been dealing with that disease and other adversities. So in due course this article became an account of adapting and overcoming difficulties.
2013 Fruit Shoot Winners
In his usual style, Emory Walton coordinated judging with the crfg development fund and eventually served up the 2013 Fruit Shoot photo contest winners. Most readers probably will be unaware that while doing this, Emory was also up to his neck in collaborative planning of the wonderfully successful Best of Both Worlds Conference held in Hawaii late last year.
Are You Unknowingly Soaking Up Those Rays?
Sometimes when a few people start kicking around a topic, they come up with a genuinely good idea. In this instance the topic was gardening in the sun safely, and that became a set of timely sun-safety questions and answers by James Longabaugh MD, Joe Sabol, Art DeKleine.
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