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Volume 46, No. 4 - July & August 2014

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Uncommon Native Fruits
Lee Reich is a longtime crfg member who casually refers to himself as a “farmdener,”
which means that he is more than a gardener and less than a farmer. But he is also a well known consultant and author. In response to an inquiry about an article for the Fruit Gardener he offered this very informative article, which originally appeared in the September 2004 issue of The American Gardener, the fine bimonthly publication of the American Horticultural Society. We hope that in the future we will be able to feature more of his articles.
A 200 Year-Old New Crop
Bev Alfeld continues in her quest to feature and discuss some of the more-obscure berries and fruit-bearing plants of northern climes. In buffaloberries she has found a species that could be a boon for some home growers and an income producer for commmercial growers as well.
Managing Deer in the Home Orchard
George Tyson is not alone; quite a few visitors come and go at his place. Unfortunately some of his company is four-legged, something akin to inconsiderate guests who roam around and raid the fridge if not offered a meal. They caused considerable damage to his fruit trees and raided reachable fruit until he devised ways to thwart their forays. George offers some simple, solid ideas for deer-proofing, and a bit of new information about passionfruit plants as well.
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The Quince Revival, Barbara Ghazarian

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