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Fruit Gardener March/April 2011 cover

Photo by Lindsay Gasik


Home Orchard Society’s All About Fruit Show
Durian enthusiast Lindsay Gasik became interested in our Festival of Fruit after learning
that the 2013 festival was being cohosted in Hawaii by the Hawaiian Tropical Fruit Growers and that the 2014 festival would be in Oregon as a part of the annual convention of NAFEX and the Home Orchard Society. This article is a taste (no pun intended) of what CRFG folks can expect to see a lot of if they decide to travel to beautiful McMenamin’s Edgefield Inn in Troutdale. You can expect more soon from Lindsay; for starters, how about some durian?
Making Interesting Jams
Like most of us, George Tyson has good years when he ends up with much more fruit than
he can eat or give away. One way to reduce the waste of tossing away excess fruit is processing it into something that can be enjoyed later. And why not experiment along the way?
Bogs of Cranberries
In her usual inquisitive mode Bev Alfeld, aka Jamlady, leaves few stones unturned when digging for information. This time she waded into a peat bog filled with cranberry plants. And of course, afterward she couldn’t resist trying a few new concoctions to please the palate.
Avocado Trees in Sonoma County
Like her father, John, G.P. Radich loves to grow all kinds of fruit. And like so many of us,
she has an above average interest in pushing the envelope. A couple of years ago she became aware that quite a few people living way north of Southern California are pushing the envelope and have been doing so for years. How much cold can an avocado tree take? Doug Jones in Arizona gave us a look at that a couple of years ago. Here G.P. offers another take.
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