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Volume 45, No. 5 - September & October 2013

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Photo By Carlos Velazco - Brazil


Bread & Butter Pickles
From time to time Bev Alfeld, known to many as Jamlady, turns her attention to culinary arts. This seems to be most often true as her summer garden reaches its peak production each year. We are fortunate that when she does prepare things in the kitchen, she takes the time to photographically record what she is doing and write about it for our edification. This article will be a boon to members who do not own copies of her book, Pickles to Relish.
Detailed Ancestry of the Orange Revealed
The depth of David Karpís knowledge of fruit may not be apparent to some readers. His writing style is seamless, so it is sometimes easy to miss historical references that he tends to drop in here and there. But in this article his central focus is the ancestry of the sweet orange.
Kinnow Mandarin Juice
David Karp illustrates in this delicious story how a grower figured out how to overcome the problem of his inability to sell his rare but delicious Kinnow mandarins because of their seeds: he sold their juice at farmers markets. It was such a hit that in his first outing he sold the whole crop at $5 a pint. This exceptional but little-known fruit now has an avid following.
Espaliered Yuzu Trees
Ann & Jean-Paul Brigand grow many kinds of fruit in the gardens surrounding their beautiful estate in Portugual. Various citrus fruits are among their favorites. It becomes increasingly apparent with each successive article just how serious Jean-Paul is. See here how to train a yuzu.
Murrayberries: Not Exactly a Household Name
Interested in raspberries that can take summer heat? David Karp offers a brief story about the history of the Murrayberry, a unique hybrid that appears to have parentage in a Japanese raspberry originally imported for erosion control more than a century ago but which fell out of favor as it proved to be invasive in some areas. Later it was instrumental in producing a heat-tolerant raspberry too tart to eat fresh but useful for making excellent pies.
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