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Volume 45, No. 2 - March & April 2013

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Try a New Berry – Haskap
In 2006 the late Lon Rombough submitted this article, with photos pending—they were to come later from Prof. Maxine Thompson, whose haskap breeding and selection work was the topic of his story. Unfortunately the camera used was faulty and the result was no photos. Although David Karp offered several excellent photos (used herein) and some encouragement after his own visit to the haskap project in 2007, the story gathered dust because the photos on hand were still insufficient to fully illustrate it. Following Lon’s passing early last year, an inquiry to Prof. Thompson revived the project; she offered minor edits to Lon’s story, composed a follow-on article to accompany it and provided photos to illustrate both.
Haskap Breeding in Oregon
Oregon State University Professor Emerita Maxine Thompson enthusiastically lent her assistance to revive Lon Rombough’s haskap article, and wrote this update to go with it. But this is more than a briefing; it clearly shows Prof. Thompson’s perseverance and her amazing accomplishment in the face of pretty tough odds: having her growing grounds at the university taken away, forcing the abandonment of many plants and many years of work.
Table Grapes in Northern California
Now and then Richard Jeske invites friends in for taste tests of his selected table grapes. They must be good; folks keep returning for more. Here are results for the latest tasting.
Begin Wedded Bliss with Pie Pops
Sometimes Beverly Alfeld just can’t resist trying out new things. This is one of those times,
which all began with a Catskill, New York, barn wedding, a must-go event in the Northeast.
My Philippine Fruit Foray
Living in urban San Francisco, Bill Grimes thinks about tropical fruits a lot. Unfortunately he can’t grow any because of the cool, foggy weather there. But sometimes he gets chances to visit tropical climes and enjoy such exotic fruits at their sources. This time his wife Alice provided the opportunity, in the form of a family visit and religious pilgrimage combined.
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