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Volume 45, No. 4 - July & August 2013

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Photo By Carlos Velazco


The Monotypical Tamarind
Bev Alfeld, our inimitable Jamlady, reads endlessly. Whether online or turning paper
pages, she is always perusing something. Every now and then she sees a fruit or a culinary
method that piques her interest enough to want to know more. So she digs up more. A lot
more, through both online research and contacting any potential sources of information or
promising leads. Then she writes. This time she writes of Tamarindus indica, the tamarind.
When Citrus Was King
In May 2012 Tandy Pfost wrote a term paper for her Mira Costa College horticulture class. Then she noticed an appeal in the March & April issue asking members to consider contributing to a collection of fresh articles that grows ever thinner. So she asked whether her paper might be suitable for publication. Turns out that it was, and so are her photographs.
Mangos for Southern California
Tim Thompson and his partners at Southern California Plant Breeders have for some time worked toward establishing a group of mango cultivars highly suited to Southern California. Of particular emphasis were fresh-fruit varieties. It appears they may have reached their goal.
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, the Loud and the Invisible
Concerns have surfaced as crfg members effervesce about traveling to Hawaii for the 2013 Best of Both Worlds Festival. Specifically there are worries about moving plant material, especially moving it from Hawaii to California. Appeals for guidance went out. Jenny Weaver of the San Luis Obispo County Department of Agriculture responds with helpful information.
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