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Volume 44, No. 6 - November & December 2012

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Anestor Mezzomo


Fruits in Dry Lands
If anyone is determined to cultivate fruit in places not so accommodating to the needs of a
grower or his plants, Tynan Wyatt is that person. Determination is his agricultural creed.
2012 Fruit Shoot Contest Winners
As always, Emory Walton has shepherded the Fruit Shoot judging committee to the selection of a beautiful array of contestantsí photographs. Still, bear in mind that many images not named among the winners are well worth seeing. The judging must be difficult indeed.
All About the Bergamot
In the short time that Jean-Paul and Ann Brigand have been contributing feature articles to the Fruit Gardener, we have become accustomed to their quality writing and photography.
Cape Tribulation in Tropical North Queensland
Bev Alfeld and her son Tim wrap their Australian tour with a stop at a location possibly familiar to other visitors to the land down under: Cape Tribulation Exotic Fruit Farm, which also thrives as a bed and breakfast venue. Alison and Digby Gotts are informative hosts for sure.
Pink Lemonade, Razz and More
Marcia Wood of the USDA Agricultural Research Service conveys a brief but interesting look at pink blueberries and three other unique blueberries as well. They ought to get you thinking.
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