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Volume 44, No. 3 - May & June 2012

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California’s Citrus Endangered
Through newspapers, this magazine or other agricultural journals, most readers have probably heard of the dread Huanglongbing, or HLB disease. It is a citrus-killing bacterium spread by a tiny piercing insect. There are no curative measures for dealing with this pathogen, only prevention. Andrew Glazier issues a timely warning that is easy to understand.
Hollywood Orchard
The life of this article began when Ken Love reminisced in writing about an exciting experience he had during a recent trip from Hawaii to California to visit his mother, stock up on some great California dates and get some face time with actor Bill Pullman about the site of the Hollywood Orchard. Before long Bill asked if he could provide more detail about the philosophy that drives the project and how local enthusiasm got a “virtual orchard” going right away. So he developed a sidebar to Ken’s article, and we ended up with a fascinating feature.
Backyard Grower: San Joaquin Valley Bananas
David Johnson has become a hands-on expert at what works and what doesn’t in his efforts to put homegrown bananas on the menu at his Central Valley home. The storage techniques he worked out by trial and error allow him to enjoy bananas in the dead of winter.
Species Down Under – Natives and Transplants
Bev Alfeld and son Tim invested considerable time and effort combing various Australian venues late last year in search of rare fruit and other unusual things, some great and some not so great. One thing they found is that enthusiasm for growing rare fruit abounds in the land down under. Their fruit list grew during this, the Queensland leg of their 23-day trip.
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