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Volume 44, No. 1 - January & February 2012

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Fruit Gardener March/April 2011 cover

Photo by
David Karp


Grafting Apples for Africa
Charles Lee’s story about devoting a few hours in a small shop to learning about grafting low-chill apple varieties for eventual planting in African nations whetted our appetite to know a little more. So we contacted Kevin Hauser, owner of Kuffel Creek Nursery, in the hope that he might have a few photos to illustrate the story. And he certainly did have some.
Heirloom Expo Bears New Seeds
When John Valenzuela wrote an email about the 2011 National Heirloom Exposition to fellow Golden Gate chapter members, he wasn’t trying to compose a story. But we saw it as a perfect companion to the great photos of the event that we had been furnished by others.
Pictorial: Fruit Shoot 2011 Winners
Thanks to the CRFG Development Fund Committee we have four pages of gorgeous images selected as winners in the 2011 Fruit Shoot photo contest. More specifically we owe gratitude to these folks, led by Emory Walton, who devote quite a lot of time and effort to serious consideration of all images submitted: Ed Hager, David & Karen Payton, Edgar & Pat Valdivia, Bob & Kathy Vieth, Dick & Edith Watts and Virginia Walton, among others.
Phoenix Pictorial: Festival of Fruit 2011
Members who decided not to include the Arizona chapter’s 2011 Festival of Fruit on their
travel calendars certainly missed a heck of a great event. Of course it was a pomegranate
lover’s dream, but much more as well, as illustrated by the wealth of photos taken there.
Poblano Boats Stuffed With Meat and Fresh Fruit
Bev Alfeld gets an idea she doggedly pursues it. In this issue she illustrates the process she went through after wondering whether stuffed poblano peppers might serve as suitable substitutes for the bell peppers that everyone uses. Turns out they are great substitutes. Going a little beyond the traditional spicy meat stuffing, she went and kicked it up another notch.
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