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Volume 43, No. 5 - September & October 2011

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Fruit Gardener March/April 2011 cover

Art by
Rachel Bess


Dr. Levin and His Pomegranates
Over the past ten years Barbara Baer’s prospects and plans for meeting worldrenowned
pomegranate expert Dr. Gregory Levin have been stymied by uncontrollable
circumstances. Yet her admiration for this accomplished man is clear. In a
sequel to “No Two Alike: The Quest for Antiquity,” which appeared in the September
& October 2006 issue, she brings us up to date on developments in Levin’s
life following his harrowing experiences in the days after the collapse of the Soviet
Union and subsequent takeover by a Turkman dictator that decimated Levin’s work.
The Pomegranate in Arizona
In this lead-in to the 2011 Festival of Fruit which will be held in Tempe, Arizona,
Patrick Hallman provides a rare look at the Arizona chapter and emphasizes the
little-known breadth of fruit growing that is done by residents of the Desert Southwest.
Take a look and you might be surprised at the variety and the level of activity.
Wild Berries of the North and the Far North - Part II
In labeling the first episode of this two-part series in the last issue, Alice Ramirez
indicated that there would be a continued recounting of her fruit hunting and
sightseeing adventures to the far northern climes of Hudson Bay, in Manitoba,
Canada. And now it seems that in revisiting and revising her earlier writings she
has decided to add a third installment to this interesting series. So stay tuned.
A Passion for Fruits
Fruit was the prominent feature of everything that went into the reception and
banquet following the recent wedding of Bev Alfeld’s daughter. In the form of
scrumptuous recipes and delectable images, Bev gives us a surprising look showing
clearly how strong an influence fruit can be in any sort of social situation.
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