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Volume 43, No. 4 - July & August 2011

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David Karp


Dekopon: Quest for a Miraculous Mandarin
David Karp has been on the trail of the legendary Dekopon mandarin for more
than a decade, but for much of that time it seemed that an unseen hand squelched
his inquiries at every turn. When he got a look at the first U.S. Dekopon harvest,
among the orchards he visited were Mike George’s grove on a hillside in Lindsay,
Calif. David says the scenery there “evoked classic orange crate art—rows of
carefully manicured young trees loaded with fruit, Japanese-style terraces at the
upper fringes and a view of snow-capped Sierra peaks to the east.” And he now
regards Dekopon as the most delicious citrus ever among many he has tasted.
African Lotus Trees
Ann & Jean-Paul Brigand of Portugal bring us something new, a drought-hardy
fruit that is quite popular among people living in arid and semiarid climes of the
Old World, the Middle East and Africa. It is said this fruit can make one forget...
oh yes, this is about the fruit of the “Lotus Eaters” spoken of by ancient Greeks.
Wild Berries of the North and the Far North - Part I
Alice Ramirez has refreshed a brace of articles that she wrote and published in
back-to-back issues of the Fruit Gardener several years ago. The place she writes
about is a land of extremes: Churchill, Manitoba, not all that far from the Artic
Circle. Long, bitter winters and ferocious polar bears; short summers and voracious
flying things that bite anything that moves, including people; stunted trees
here and there, and for the diligent searcher there is fresh fruit at shoetop level.
Backyard Grower: It All Began With Fire Blight
Carol Copperud was trying her best to save an ailing pear tree that produced the
best pears she had ever eaten. Despite everything, she lost about nine-tenths of
that tree. Around that time she discovered crfg, and sought advice from experts.
Before long she was grafting, something she never even knew could be done. One
thing led to another, and eventually her beloved pear tree gifted her with scions.
Meandering Around Fort Lauderdale and Homestead, Florida
On her way back from Puerto Rico, Bev Alfeld hung around south Florida for a
little while, enjoying the tropical atmosphere and the Cuban cuisine. And she went
looking for the Fruit and Spice Park in Homestead. Evidently she liked it there.
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