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Volume 42, No. 5 - September & October 2010

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Fruit Gardener March/April 2009 cover

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David Karp


Exploring for Wild Bananas of Vietnam
Our friend from Finland, Markku Häkkinen, is a determined and diligent man
when it comes to Musa species. In this, his thirteenth wildland expedition in search
of obscure and unclassified wild bananas, he once again produces results despite
considerable arduousness of jungle travel and the varmints that must be endured.
A New Taste for Quince
Interest in quince seems to be making a comeback in North America. As one might
expect, David Karp already knew about it and has researched the topic well. But
who knew he was growing quinces, or that a desirable cultivar bears his name?
Dessicated Scionwood
Nick Lolonis had some Inca plum scionwood that he had forgotten until it appeared
wizened and worthless. But on a whim, instead of throwing it out he decided
to soak it in water for a while and to attempt making some grafts with it.
Videos Ripe for the Picking on YouTube
Dr. Desmond Layne is an associate professor of pomology and an extension fruit tree specialist at Clemson University. Among other fruits, he nurtures and studies peach cultivars. Recently he got to thinking that perhaps some folks might benefit from knowing more about peach selection, among other things. So he and a few close companions prepared some excellent videos on the topic and put them on YouTube.
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