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Volume 42, No. 3 - May & June 2010

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Photo by
David Karp


Hunting Huckleberries in the Northern Rockies
In this story, Idell Weydemeyer’s first of two in this issue, she gives us a rare
inside look at the huckleberry lover’s fervid pursuit and picking of their favorite
fruit. The venues alone are worth a trip to obtain a few wild hucks, but visitors be
aware: dyed-in-the-wool hucksters are jealously secretive about the best locations.
Blueberry Boom in California
Readers can always count on David Karp to produce an interesting story about
fruits and those who grow them, as well as wonderful color photos to illustrate.
This one is no exception. David provides an excellent overview of the booming
blueberry industry in California, its history, and its rapid upswing in recent years.
Deep South Huckleberries
Your editor, Ron Couch, learned in this issue why he has avoided developing articles
for the Fruit Gardener: because it isn’t easy, especially when writing to fit
a limited space and doing it while editing other material. But this seemed a good
time to offer a bit of information from a nonexpert point of view that might surprise
some readers: wild Vacciniums grow in the South too. He calls them hucks.
On the Hunt for Other Wild Berries
When berrying, Idell Weydemeyer doesn’t limit herself to huckleberries, nor does
she confine her picking forays to the Rocky Mountains—California also has plenty
to offer. Here is a look at several other delicious wild berries from both venues.
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