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Volume 41, No. 5 - September & October 2009

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Fruit Gardener March/April 2009 cover

Photo by
Anestor Mezzomo


Unusual Olives
Thanks to the generous folks at Triania Publishing, we are able to enjoy this interesting
article describing origins and curing methods for epicurian olives. It is from Greece’s gourmet magazine, Epikouria, and written by Editor in Chief Ellen Gooch.
A Day at Jack’s Place
Lennette Horton, able newsletter editor of the Central Coast chapter, volunteered
to develop an article for the Fruit Gardener based on a personal visit to the garden and orchard of Jack Swords. The result is interesting and colorful.
Fruit Shoot 2009 Photo Contest Winners
Emory Walton must be having fun conducting this contest. He just keeps on doing it. Perhaps that’s because the photos submitted just keep getting better and better.
The Perfect Fruit
Much to the benefit of readers, Alice Ramirez has lately taken to satisfying her longtime desire to revisit her Fruit Gardener articles from years ago and improve on them. It is fortunate for us that Alice has not become inactive in her retirement.
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