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Volume 41, No. 3 - May & June 2009

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Fruit Gardener March/April 2009 cover

Photo by
Toni Siebert &
David Karp


China Revisited
Markku Häkkinen reports on his last in a series of expeditions to mainland China for the purpose of discovering and classifying obscure species of banana. But is it his last trip there? Probably not, because once again he was beset by illness while in the bush, and thus was thwarted from completing a portion of the expedition. Nevertheless this trip was worthwhile in terms of discovery and fascinating photos.
Tasting Table Grapes
A while back Richard Jeske invited a group of fruit enthusiasts to his northern California home to taste table grapes. Afterward he compiled interesting results and shares them with us. Take a look and see if your favorite is well represented.
Asian Citrus Psyllid
Andrew Glazier used to take pride in being a collector of desirable ornamentals and fruit-bearing plants. Today, although he still loves his plants, he has second thoughts about the importance of collecting, particularly when it is primarily for the sake of maintaining a collection as a point of pride. He reasons that enthusiasm can overrule caution, and thus can cause unwitting propagation of plant pathogens.
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