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Volume 41, No. 2 - March & April 2009

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Fruit Gardener March/April 2009 cover

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Markku Häkkinen


Pahari Kela
Some may have wondered if perhaps someplace in the world there exists a fruit-bearing banana species able to tolerate temperate-zone cold weather. Well, there is one. It grows uncultivated in India, and it produces decent fruit. Dr. Chiranjit Parmar offers a brief but tantalizing look this commonplace yet obscure Musa species.
Bananas in Southern California
Alice Ramirez reprises information from a past era: the days when Doug Richardson worked magic with his Seaside Banana Garden and picturesque Palapa Fruit Stand. That’s all gone now, but Doug left Southern Californians a valuable legacy.
Returning to China
Markku Häkkinen endures a lot of discomfort on his tropical treks in search of undiscovered and unclassified Musa species. Biting flies, mosquitoes and leeches are all a part of the mix. But until this second of three expeditions to China he had contemplated neither 12-foot cobras nor pneumonia as on-the-job hazards.
The Forbidden Fruit
During his boyhood Nick Lolonis endured a lot in terms of exposure to primitive farming methods, not the least of which was frequent and prolonged handling of arsenic insecticides. Since then he has lived a long, healthy life. So he got to thinking about it after reading a Fruit Gardener article called “Arsenic and Old Fences.”
Go Bananas!
In another interesting article Alice Ramirez offers a few fundamentals on the care, feeding and propagation of bananas, for containers or in the backyard garden.
Studying the Bael, an Unusual Citrus Fruit
Over years of culinary investigation and adventure, Bev Alfeld had seen the bael pop up here and there as an ingredient in various recipes and concoctions. But until being snowbound much of the past winter, she had not read up on this fruit.
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