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Volume 41, No. 4 - July & August 2009

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Fruit Gardener March/April 2009 cover

Photo by
Andrew Glazier


Gumi Jam, Anyone? A Reward of Edible Landscaping
In place of her regular Jamming with Jamlady column, Bev Alfeld looked at a couple of pictures furnished to her by the editor and quickly decided she wanted to find out more about a berry-producing plant commonly known as gumi or goumi.
Solving a Mystery
We can always count on Nick Lolonis for an account of something unusual. Nick’s experiences with using composted coffee grounds are interesting and enlightening.
Try the Langsat
Felipe Osborne Shea has so many different fruit trees on his place in Puerto Rico that he sometimes loses track of something or other for a while. But then he eventually
rediscovers them. This is a story of rediscovering his long-lost langsat trees.
Is the Romance Fading?
Andrew Glazier lives next to an olive grove, and thus talks often to his neighbor about the business of growing olives. The picture he sees is a microcosm that may well mirror an industry subjected to unprecedented disarray in their markets and beset by the imported olive fruit fly, courtesy of NAFTA and recessionary pressures.
Assorted Eccentrics
For a long time Alice Ramirez toyed with the idea of producing an article about nothing but fruits and plants that are objectionable in various ways. She finally did.
The Aravaipa Avocado
Several years ago Doug Jones went to get a look at a giant old avocado tree, one that is quite atypical in its ability to tolerate desert heat and unusual cold. He has since propagated it successfully and has high hopes of possibly registering a new cultivar.
Olive Fruit Fly Foe?
As many readers are aware, the scientists of the Agricultural Research Service assiduously
work to isolate and eradicate plant pests and pathogens. Marcia Wood of the ARS Information Staff presents a look at a natural predator of the olive fruit fly.
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