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Volume 40, No. 5 - September & October 2008

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Wolfberry or Goji
Inside the front cover, Paul Gross takes a practical view of Lycium barbarum, known to many as goji or wolfberry. While disagreeing with claims of the fruit’s miraculous medicinal properties, he points out its unique natural antioxidants.
Soil Nutrients and Fruit Quality
This breakdown of soil nutrients by Thomas Ruehr is likely to be just what many people will want to keep nearby for reference. It lays out in understandable terms the effects of various soil nutrients, as well as how and when they are best applied.
Fruitful Studies in Puerto Rico
How enjoyable it must be to work in a place that has become an essential locus for propagating and testing exotic fruits from around the world. In examining the work of the Tropical Agriculture Research Station in Puerto Rico, Luis Pons offers a look at just such a job, and shows how curating desirable germplasm is essential.
Wolfskill Sequel: Pomegranate Tasting
In a report on the latest pomegranate tasting at Wolfskill Experimental Orchard, Barbara Baer, supported in a sidebar by David Silverstein, sounds a cautionary note about the National Plant Germplasm System. They express concerns that without an actively supportive constituency the funding of such vital facilities as Wolfskill will wither away as the federal government tightens its purse strings.
Collect and Appreciate Old Fruit Jars on Any Budget
On the inside back cover, our Jamlady holds forth on yet another obscure topic, one nevertheless related to an activity dear to many of us: canning and preserving what we grow. It never hurts to learn a little history, and this is a colorful look at the past.
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