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Volume 40, No. 4 - July & August 2008

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Fruit Gardener July & August 2008 cover

Photo by
David Karp


India's Apple Guava
Inside the front cover is an interesting pictorial on an unusual fruit. This began when Dr. Chiranjit Parmar sent in a few photos to give us a look at the apple guava.
Perhaps he was a bit surprised that the information became a color feature.
From Cradle to Cup: The Making of Coffee
As always, Felipe Osborne Shea offers up a colorful article in terms of attractive photographs and his personable style of composition. How nice it must be to have neighbors so knowledgeable about the art of growing and processing coffee beans.
Fruiting Myrtaceae for Subtropical Climes
One thing that has become clear about Ben Poirier is his perseverance in experimenting
with out-of-range fruits. He lends meaning to the slogan that appears on the back cover of each issue about pushing the limits and the range of fruit growing.
Forbidden Fruit? Not the Mangosteen
Ian Crown is a determined and capable grower of mangosteens and other rare fruit who has learned volumes through effort and failure. And David Karp, our earnest and capable chronicler of such efforts, is the perfect writer to present the good news: at long last, fresh mangosteens are available in the U.S. But if you want non-irradiated mangosteens like those Ian Crown offers, you might have to queue up and wait.
Native Elderberries Make Delicious Jam
Alrie Middlebrook is a successful purveyor of sustainable landscape design, specializing in California native gardens, putting an emphasis on employing native vegetation where possible. Small wonder, then, that she loves wild elderberries.
The Bramley Apple
Inside the back cover is a pictorial that began its trajectory to becoming a color feature even more informally than the article inside the front cover: Clive Simms sent a few color pictures to Lon Rombough, who in turn shared them with the Fruit Gardener.
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