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Volume 39, No. 5 - September & October 2007

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Fruit Gardener September & October 2007 cover

Photo by
Markku Häkkinen


2007 Fruit Shoot Winners
With each successive photo competition Emory Walton has been able to take increasing
advantage of digital technology, computer electronics and the Internet. The
result is that we are able to announce the 2007 winners before the turn of the calendar
year. Using the power of these modern technologies, our shutterbug contestants
are getting better and better. The colorful results of their efforts are truly stunning.
Roots Demystified: Help Your Fruit Trees Prosper Below Ground
For a long time Robert Kourik has been studying root form and function. So long, in
fact, that he finally decided to write a book about it, which he expects to publish in
2007. This adaptation of one chapter from that book is packed with information and
illustrations that shed a little light on things that live in the dark but benefit everyone.
Jamlady Special: Ethnobotany and Vanilla
If you get Bev Alfeld started wondering about some culinary thing or other, the lengths
to which she goes to satisfy her curiosity will make you tired just thinking about how
much trouble the research must have been. Suffice it to say that she is determined. In
this extra-long column she reveals vanilla facts that many folks may not have heard.
Back to the Future: San Diego Mango Bonanza, Part One
It never hurts to review good information once in a while, especially when doing
so might benefit members who have not before been exposed to it. In this fi rst
of two parts from a 1997 Fruit Gardener, Jim Neitzel simply offers observations
about growing mangos in the San Diego area. He obviously knows his mangos.
A Botanical Expedition: Researching Wild Bananas of Borneo
Since retiring from being a merchant marine captain, Markku Häkkinen has become
known worldwide as a serious researcher into unidentified and little-known Musa
species. It takes dedication to perform such work in wild areas that are wet, humid
and populated with flying and crawling and slithering things that want to bite you.
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