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Volume 38, No. 3 - May & June 2006

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How-To: Grafting Avocado Trees
In a way, avocados have become Julie Frink’s life. When she’s not working with avocado
trees and their fruit, she thinks about them and all the things that can be done with them,
not the least of which is cultivation. Here Julie presents step-by-step avocado grafting.
Subtropicals and Tropicals for Orange County
Eunice Messner offers an extensive and useful listing of tropical and subtropical
fruit trees that do well in Orange County. Eunice, an astonishingly successful fruit
gardener in her own right, has tested many of them in her lush terraced orchard.
Lindcove Citrus Tour
For many years Emory Walton made the pilgrimage from Los Angeles to Exeter, to
visit Lindcove Research Station’s annual tour and sample the fine citrus varieties
maintained there in a germplasm repository. After a long hiatus from this popular
event, Emory started attending again. He says it is still worth the effort to be
there. So do the visitors who went along with him this year and last year as well.
Carica pentagona: Babaco or Chamburo
Using “Fruit Facts” about the Babaco from CRFG’s website as a starting point, Bob Wenski added valuable information about propagating and harvesting this unusual fruit, and culinary advice as well. And to illustrate, he furnished an interesting photographic record of his own Babaco growing efforts and results.
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