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Volume 38, No. 4 - July & August 2006

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About Food Irradiation
In the beginning, Australian Tirsha Raynlyn was asked to research and produce an
article on the topic of food irradiation for the newsletter of the Sub-Tropical Fruit Club
of Queensland, Inc. The article was offered to Bill Grimes, who thought it might be
appropriate and timely to broach the topic, since this fall the U.S. will begin importing
irradiated mangosteens from Thailand, the fi rst to be legally sold on these shores.
Those who have tasted this fruit want more; those who haven’t want to try it. But only
with irradiation, a sensitive topic in California, will mangosteens be allowed here.
Grapes! America’s Never-Ending Crush
From analyzing anthocyanins for combating the body’s more harmful oxidation
processes, to determining how best to infuse desirable color, to fi nding the best
processing and fl avor attributes for both table and wine grapes, the Agricultural
Research Service works assiduously to improve fruits and many other foods that
wind up on the tables of America. ARS staff writers Marcia Wood, Laura McGinnis
and Jim Core, offer an interesting pictorial and written account of work on grapes.
California Strawberries
While some might think that David Karp opts for covering only the lighter aspects of
fruit growing, this article should banish such thoughts. David undertakes an incisive
look at California’s strawberry industry and its path to dominance, outlining the
drawbacks of maintaining the state’s position as top US producer in terms of quantity,
and the homogeneity of taste and appearance imposed by a demanding market.
But he holds out hope for aromatic, delicious alternatives to industrial strawberries.
A Focus on Grape Genetics
It may be no surprise to readers that genetics is the key to such things as color
and fl avor in grapes as well as other fruit. But how about a gene that allows grapes
to resist nematodes—even the tougher nematodes? How about traits that fi ght
known fungal pathogens? These things and much more are going on at Agricultural
Research Service facilities, as detailed by Luis Pons, ARS staff writer.
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