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Volume 37, No. 5 - September & October 2005

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Fruit Gardener November & December 2004 cover

Photo by Markku Häkkinen


A Holiday Fruit Excursion: Tropical Fruits in Thailand
Markku Häkkinen and his wife, Anja, have taken many trips to Southeast Asia for
study and pleasure. He always carries a camera, and he uses it; he brings home to
Finland so many great pictures one might wonder how he keeps track of them all.
The History of the Apple, Part III: Apples in California
In this last of a three part series, Lennette Horton tells of how apple agriculture got
its start in the Pacific Northwest and in California during the Gold Rush era. Those
early pome fruits were once so valuable they were nearly worth their weight in gold.
Perfect Soil— A Conceptual Approach
A while back, Dean Rasmussen got to thinking about the soil structure in general and about the USDA’s Textural Triangle soil matrix in particular. What if I could control the makeup and structure of my soil? he thought. So he set about finding out.
Homeowner’s Guide to Controlling Codling Moth and Apple Maggot, Part I
Control of apple-munching pests can be a problem anywhere, most especially in
apple-growing country. Judi Stewart offers up information on how to deal with them.
A New Look at an Old Fruit: Khalal Dates
Out of curiosity, Michael Nave once nibbled on a few dates before they were dried.
The taste blew him away. Today he is an enthusiast on the prowl for the best khalals.
Tempting Tropicals for Cooler Climates: Taste of the Tropics
One day on a whim Matthew Krebs stuck a pineapple top in the soil of his Bay Area
yard instead of tossing it. The darned thing wouldn’t die. He wondered how many
other off-site fruits might grow for him. The rest, one might say, is potting history.
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