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Volume 37, No. 2 - March & April 2005

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Fruit Gardener March & April 2005 cover

Photo by Ben Kuo


Ulu: The Ultra-Tropical Breadfruit
What a surprise Ben Kuo got early one morning when he stepped outside the lobby of his hotel in Honolulu. Shading the entrance was an attractive tree filled with round green fruit that is obscure but nevertheless a diet staple in the South Pacific.
Toronto: Exotic Produce Markets
In the climate of his Miami home Maurice Kong could easily grow many of the exotic Southeast Asian fruits he loves, but Florida agricultural regulations won’t let him. So from time to time he travels to Toronto, Canada, to visit the Asian fruit markets there.
Borneo Expeditions for Researching Bananas
Markku Häkkinen loves temperate-zone fruits and tropical fruits too, especially bananas. Moreover, he studies them in a serious and scholarly fashion. He has traveled far from his Kotka, Finland, home in the pursuit of knowledge about the Musa.
Dealing With Killer Bees
When bees started buzzing around his yard, Dean Rasmussen got curious. At length he discovered that they were Africanized bees. Worse, they had invaded his home.
Notes On the Mysterious Mangosteen
About 20 years ago Felipe Osborne Shea planted some mangosteen trees on his Las Marias, Puerto Rico, farm. Some failed to fruit, at least for a while. Some died from a hurricane and one was blown over, yet continued to produce significant amounts of fruit–until this year. Evidently the lesson is that mangosteens are difficult to predict.
Successfully Fruiting the Passifloras
Paul and Luisa Zmoda grow fruit at their Flatwoods Fruit Farm in the Tampa, Florida, suburb of Riverview. For many years they have made quite a study of Passiflora species, particularly in cross-pollination efforts. You might say they have a passion for it.
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