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Volume 37, No. 1 - January & February 2005

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Fruit Gardener November & December 2004 cover

Photo by David Karp


A Venerable Apple: The Newtown Pippin
Reading David Karp’s account of his inquiries into who grows pippins and what they do with them, you may almost be able to smell the aroma of crushed apples in the cider press. It is a surprise that pippins are cultivated for eating as well as juicing.
A Taste Twister: Miracle Fruit
Among the many cold-hardy citrus, fortunella and other plants John Panzarella
grows at his south Texas home is his miracle fruit plant. Its fruit must come in handy
for sampling lemons and Nagami kumquats at John’s open house each December.
Planning My Backyard Garden
Shahen Hairapetian offers a look at the thinking, the planning and the work that went into establishing a fruit-producing garden in limited space at his new home.
That Incredible Marianna 2624 Rootstock
Nick Lolonis is a longtime horticulturist who has been grafting and cultivating various
fruit-bearing plants for years. Like many of us, he has learned a lot by doing and
by making mistakes. Moreover, he isn’t afraid to admit his mistakes, as readers will
see in this interesting account of a series of errors. Perhaps we too can learn from it.
The Vast Genus Eugenia
Chris Marshall provides an overview of an assortment of known and lesser-known fruit plants from the genus Eugenia, whose vastness runs in the family: Myrtaceae.
Sundrop or Guayabilla
On the page facing the Eugenia article, Felipe Osborne Shea exhibits a juicy member of the Myrtaceae family, and opines that lemons and passionfruit may have competition.
Fruit Briefs

Apple Malus pumila and M. domestica............ Alfredo Chiri
Glimpses of Two Rather Unusual Fruits ............Ben Poirier
Capulin Cherry Prunus salicifolia...................... Alfredo Chiri
Pitomba Eugenia luschnathiana......................... Alfredo Chiri
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