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Volume 36, No. 6 - November & December 2004

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Fruit Gardener November & December 2004 cover

Photo by David Karp


Seasonal Fruit: Drying Persimmons the Japanese Way
In an interesting story and colorful photos, Ben Kuo illustrates the fading art of drying
persimmons the way it is done in Japan. Talk about a labor-intensive product!
How-To Article: Pot Your Entire Orchard
Joe Sabol got fed up with paying for the water and nutrients being pilfered by the
invading roots of native trees that surround his orchard. Not knowing quite how to
deal with this problem, he decided to experiment with containing his whole orchard.
Follow-Up: Fruiting Cactus in Tucson
In Chris Marshall’s “sequel” to his recent cactus article, he shows that these thorny but
significant sources of fruit are plentiful and easy to cultivate in the Desert Southwest.
Capping the Year of the Berry: For Raspberries, Ubiquity (at a Price)
Most readers know that any article written by David Karp includes mouth-watering
photos of the best and juiciest varieties of fruit. This one about red, black and gold
raspberries is certainly in keeping with tradition. The “Iron Wino” is a new twist.
The Quenepa or Honey Berry
Juan Rivero is becoming known in CRFG for offering little-known information about
unusual fruit. Melicoccus bijugatus is one of them, but one that shows potential.
Shipova: A Sweetie with a Blush
Lee Reich serves up an interesting story excerpted from his newest book, Uncommon
Fruits for Every Garden. The subject of this story is the Shipova, a pear-ash hybrid not
widely known, but whose flavor suggests that perhaps more people should be growing it.
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