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Volume 35, No. 2 - March/April 2003

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Tropical Almond: Terminalia catappa
Dr. Juan Rivero once again shares with readers information about one of the lesser-known fruits of Puerto Rico, not a true almond but nonetheless a tasty one.
Fruits Dispersed by Extinct Mammals
Animal extinctions in the past could have important repercussions on present-day vegetation, say Paulo R. Guimares Jr. and Mauro Galetti, from the Phenology and Seed Dispersal Group at Universidade Estadual Paulista (Paulista State University) in Rio Claro, Brazil. The article was translated by CRFG member Gerardo Garcia.
Understanding Soil Preparation
Gary Matsuoka, of Laguna Hills Nursery, presents a thought-provoking view of alternatives to consider in preparation and maintenance of yard and garden soils.
Apple Tree International: Planting A Legacy
Adapted from original text written by Sasha Earnheart-Gold, this is a first-person account of project work designed to help poverty-stricken people in a fundamental way: teaching them how to graft, plant and nurture apple and walnut trees. This project is stunning in its simplicity, powerful in its potential for lasting good.
CRFG Fruit Registration
C.T. Kennedy, CRFG fruit registrar, offers a primer on the history and the how and why of registering fruit cultivars. And he follows that with recent fruit registrations.
Bitter Almond: The Case of the Tasty But Poisonous Nut
Would you care to ingest the extract of a nut that contains a cyanide compound? Who would? Well, David Karp says many would and do use this culinary delicacy.
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