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Volume 34, No. 5 - September/October 2002

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Photo by David Karp.

Date Palm Varieties in Arizona
Have you ever wondered about those great big date palms towering over many Arizona neighborhoods and other venues? What is the fate of the fruit they produce? And just how does Arizona figure into the date industry? Dennis V. Johnson, Elaine Joyal and Richard K. Harris offer some interesting answers to these questions.
The Seed Bank Needs Help: Your Help
CRFG Seed Bank Manager Mark Cooper was so disappointed in the meager seed offering he publishes in this issue that he felt led to examine the reasons for the low ebb in seed donations. He also issues an appeal to get involved in seed dispersal.
The Coffee Tree--Coffea arabica
Alfredo Chiri offers another quick primer, this time on the coffee tree.
California Dates: Ancient But Delicious Fruit of the Palm
The only thing David Karp may have missed on his fact-finding mission about the California date industry is stopping by Hadley's Fruit Orchard Store at Cabazon, near Casino Morongo, to wrap himself around one of their fabulous date shakes. If you like dates, this story will make your stomach growl. There's lots of history in it too.
Ornamental Bananas
Markku Häkkinnen is a dedicated student of the genus Musa. In fact there is so little known about some of its species that he has to go where they grow and let them teach him what they know. Here is a fascinating pictorial study of the ornamentals.
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