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Volume 34, No. 3 - May/June 2002

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Sterilizing Disease-Resistant Soils: Modified Soil Solarization for Cool Climates
Nick Lolonis couldn't plant a new apricot tree because he had a problem with soil pathogens and nematodes remaining after he dug up the old apricot tree. Soil sterilization in the cool climate of his home town was not a practical consideration. But by combining a known technique and a chance observation, he came up with a cool-climate technique that worked for him. Perhaps others can use it.
As American as Blueberry Pie
Can Southern Californians grow blueberries in their back yards? Although some have had successes, others will say that the performance of Vaccinium species is nothing to write home about. Kim Hummer of the USDA's Agricultural Research Service writes to us about southern-bred blueberry hybrids that offer promise.
From the Archives: A Further Report on Establishing a Mango Grove
In an adjunct to the article by Jerry H. Staedeli that appeared in the last issue- the second of three-we are treated to instructions based on how his mango orchard performed, information he extracted from his orchard "fact book."
Gems Among the Stones
Ever wonder why peaches often don't seem to have the intense taste you remember from years ago? David Karp wondered. And he decided to find out. Tag along.
South Florida: Fruit & Spice Park 2002 Tropical Fruit Conference
Roger and Shirley Meyer have become addicted to the scenery and the tropicalfruit offerings of south Florida, especially all the exotics to be seen and experienced at the Fruit & Spice Park. In this article they invite you to travel with them.
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