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Volume 34, No. 2 - March/April 2002

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Going Bananas? Know Where You're Going
Benjamin Kuo furnishes a glimpse into banana fundamentals, the history of this indispensable fruit, some usual and unusual uses, and its political aspects too.
Scientists Sharpen Strategies to Sabotage Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter
Marcia Wood and Judy McBride of the USDA's Agricultural Research Service provide interesting research information about several methods of controlling a pest whose main threat to managed grape crops is the hitchhiking bacterium it carries.
From the Archives: Establishing a Mango Grove in San Diego, California
The examination of mangos as a viable crop in Southern California is revisited in Jerry H. Staedeli's treatment of the topic, taken from the 1972 CRFG Yearbook.
Pictorial Travelogue: A Trip to Borneo
Above and beyond Markku Häkkinen's interest in rare fruits in general, and in Musa species in particular, is the astounding number of photographs in which he records his travels. Enjoy this illustrated diary of a rare-fruit quest in Borneo.
Canopy Management of High-Density Subtropical Fruit Trees
Peter Young, of Birdwood Nursery in Queensland, Australia, has prepared a succinct guide for properly managing the canopies of avocado, mango and lychee.
Kuchin's Indigenous Forest Fruits: Final Leg of Southeast Asia Tour
We missed this final installment of Maurice Kong's fruit tour of Southeast Asia. Here it is-last, but certainly not least-along with his thoughts about how we might encourage the expansion of commercial rare-fruit production in the U.S.
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