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Volume 34, No. 4 - July/August 2002

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A White Sapote Survey
While poring over a lot of archival CRFG writings about the white sapote, Shawn Hannon evaluated the information. When he compared it to the knowledge that he and others in Northern California have developed in their efforts to cultivate the white sapote, his thoughts prompted him to write. Here are the results of his work.
From the Archives: Status Report on an Experimental Mango Grove
The third and final installment of Jerry H. Staedeli's mango chronicles. In this article, Jerry furnishes his views on the performance of selected mango cultivars.
Growing Backyard Bananas
When he moved from South Pasadena to Sierra Madre, Glenn Young gave up a sizeable fruit orchard and considerable growing space. He had to make choices on how best to utilize a smaller backyard orchard, and bananas were among those fruits that came under Glenn's pragmatic eye. Read about the survivors.
Where Have All of California's Great Grapes Gone?
With highly qualified support from the "Fruit Crank," better known to many as CRFG's Registrar-Historian C.Todd Kennedy, David Karp leads us into the sunny, halcyon countryside of California's grape industry-treating us to an inside view of which table grapes are the best ones, who grows them and where they do it.
The Wax Jambu
This unique relative of Malay apple, the rose apple and the Java plum is known to few in the U.S. except for tropical fruit enthusiasts. Maurice Kong gives an overview of the wax jambu and waxes enthusiastic about its commercial potential.
Ask the Experts -- Figs, Lychee, Olives, Passionfruit
Container Gardening -- Rat Control
CRFG Kitchen -- Tropical Summer Delights
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