Fruit Gardener

Volume 33, No. 6 - November/December 2001

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Bushwhacking Guavas and Sapotes
Eph Konigsberg tells how his boyhood love of guavas led to a broad affection for many other fruits; then he describes how he manages some of the unmanageable.
A Better Fruit-Fly Trap
Jesús García, with the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, offers a look at a new dry fruit-fly trap that promises to offer more effectiveness in minimizing crop loss.
Allspice Tree -- Pimenta dioica
Alfredo Chiri provides a brief but interesting look at a valued spice plant.
Do You Need a Soil Test?
Taken from the newsletter of the now-inactive Indoor Citrus and Rare Fruit Society, this piece contains the kind of information that really is never out of date.
Don't Plant Too Much
Enthusiam for establishing that first fruit garden can drive one to overdoing it, explains Travis Callahan, longtime fruit gardener from Cajun climes of the South.
Mandarin Dreams
With his usual colorful prose and superb illustrations, David Karp retells of yet another sleuthing adventure that leads to exciting information about mandarins.
First Festival of Fruit Report: New Fruiting Plants from Thailand
"Santol," aka Bruce Livingston, holds forth on how to find fruits in foreign lands and get them home, and on his efforts as a member of the Thai Banana Club to ensure preservation of "the rarest of the rare" banana cultivars native to Thailand.
The Black Thumb Society
A tongue-in-cheek look at a novel way of handling original gardening mistakes.
Ask the Experts -- Umeboshi and More
Book Review
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