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Volume 33, No. 3 - May/June 2001

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Growing Guavas in Greater Phoenix
In his forays as a residential contractor, Steve Flowers found a great variety of interesting plants growing in the back yards of Phoenix residents. Guavas were prominent among the fruits he discovered. Now he grows and sells lots of them.
Angkor Wat--Ancient Wonder
Asian Tour, Part IV of IV: Cambodia
Soon after arriving in Cambodia, Maurice Kong and his companions exchanged dollars for rials and became instant millionaires. Then they went fruit shopping.
Cherimoya Pollination by Hand: The Essentials of Doing it Right
Dario Grossberger shares with us the art and science of the hand-pollination methods that seem to work best in his familyís cherimoya orchard. This is a labor-intensive job if there ever was one, but if done right it pays off big in fruit yield.
From the Archives: The Green Sapote
Taken from the 1973 CRFG Yearbook, an in-depth article by Paul Thomson about the Green Sapote, its cultivation history in California and the details of his efforts.
One More Report from Festival of Fruit 2000
Jim Bathgate relates a tale about persimmons. Let the buyer beware, because what you see ainít necessarily what you get when you purchase persimmon varieties.
Homage to Our Gentle Professor
Read the accounts of the life and accomplishments of Prof. C.A. Schroeder, known to most of us just as Art. Everyone should have had a botany teacher like this man. We will not forget him.
Ask the Experts -- Capers from Seed
Book Review
Container Gardening (About Quinn)
CRFG Kitchen -- Keep Doing It With Guavas
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Organic Gardening (Seeds & Politics)
President's Message
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