Fruit Gardener

Volume 33, No. 2 - March/April 2001

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Worm Castings, Part III of IV: Non-Toxic Fungus Control
In the third of his four-part series on vermiculture, George Hahn describes studies and field tests that indicate the effectiveness of castings as a fungicide. You might want to try the "potato test" that he outlines; the results described are astounding.
Vietnam--The Gem of the Orient
Asian Tour, Part III of IV: Saigon, "Paris of the East"
Maurice Kong visits orchards and samples fruit in a Vietnam much changed from post-war days, adding to his personal collection of prized cultivars and serving as an ambassador of sorts to a vibrant nation once considered not such a good place.
The Ackee--Delicious, Non-Toxic, Yet So Controversial!
Prolific rare fruit writer and enthusiast Maurice Kong presents a fascinating look at the history and current status of an interesting fruit that is misunderstood by many. Is it safe? Some think not, but Mr. Kong is convinced that they are wrong.
More Reports from the Festival of Fruit
Certified arborist Tom del Hotal furnishes a step-by-step air layering method.
Dr. Gregory Partida tells how to manage an avocado canopy by planned pruning.
Touring a European Citrus Hybrid Garden
Steffen Reichel waxes enthusiastic about cold-hardy citrus in a German back yard, and relates an interesting personal story about how he became a citrus fruit aficionado who now operates a citrus information website that gets lots of traffic.
Farewell to a Great Guy
An all-too-brief account of the life and accomplishments of Dr. Fred Yerger, the energetic co-founder of the Arizona chapter and an irreplaceable friend to all.
Ask the Experts (Popourri)
Book Review
Container Gardening (My Lime Tree)
CRFG Chapters
CRFG Kitchen (Do it with Guavas)
Nursery Notes (Nuts to You)
Organic Gardening (Process and Purpose)
President's Message
Publications & Merchandise List
Seed Bank
Vegetable Patch (Grandmother's Garden)

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