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Volume 33, No. 1 - January/February 2001

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Worm Castings, Part II of IV: The Growth Advantage!
In the second installment of a four-part series, George Hahn details university and other studies on vermiculture and gives a breakdown
Thailand: Supatraland and Nong Nooch
Tropical Gardens--Part II of IV: Bangkok
Maurice Kong continues his colorful fruit-sampling tour of southeast Asia
Atemoya: A Delicious Hybrid
With style, Kayla Weber extols the virtues of this cherimoya-sugar apple cross prized for its custard-like texture and delicate taste
A Modern Method: The Use of Parafilm in Grafting
Mits Kawahara says you don’t have to burn your knuckles melting wax over the kitchen range anymore; it’s a lot easier to dress grafts nowadays
Meet Moringa oleifera, the "Drumstick Tree"
The first time he saw the elongated seed pod of the Moringa, Mits Kawahara wasn’t sure what to think, but after taking a good look he calls it a "wonder tree"
First Reports from the Festival of Fruit
Fruit Tree and Vine Care Calendar
Data courtesy of UC Cooperative Extension, sent in by Sacramento Chapter
Who Farms Guavas in Santa Monica?
David Karp knows a lady who does, and she cooks fish in guava sauce too
Ask the Experts (Fruit Flies, Fruits and Nuts)
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Container Gardening (A Year Zips By)
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