Fruit Gardener

Volume 32, No. 5 - September/October 2000

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Micropropagation and Rare Fruits: A Short Introduction
Clearly fascinated with the technique of replicating desirable plants by means of in vitro plant tissue culturing, Ben Kuo tells us how to begin
Little Grenades of Goodness
Along with an interesting tale, Kristianna Bertelsen says you can do lots more things with the venerable avocado than merely make guacamole
Native Fruits of Central Texas and the Hill Country
Scott Harris writes an engaging account of the qualities of wild fruits in Central Texas, and Robert O’Brien illustrates it stunningly
(These next two articles are of such importance to CRFG that we have put them on-line.)
White List Intends Ban on Plant and Seed Importation
Todd Kennedy spells out the portent of impending rules which, if imposed, could severely constrain the activities of the CRFG membership
Prevent Prohibition of Imported Plants: Help Stop the White List
J. L. Hudson, Seedman, likens the White List to the bookburning of a bygone era and calls upon all interested parties to actively oppose this move
Citrus Fruits in Devon
Alex Baker gives a brief history of citrus growing in the United Kingdom and at the end appeals to our membership to furnish him a few cold-hardy seeds
Water-Sensitive Trees and Plants

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