Fruit Gardener

Volume 32, No. 3 - May/June 2000

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An Editorís Life and Legacy
Robert Chambers shares with us his life experiences with his spouse, the creator and longtime editor of the FRUIT GARDENER
Choosing an Avocado for the Backyard
Some welcome coaching from Riley Holly on the basics of selecting an avocado that will meet your needs and then how to obtain it
Start íEm Right
If your perceptual paradigm includes notions about people clamoring to taste your newly discovered rare fruit, David McLean says think again
Pummelos: Elusive Golden Treat
Pummelos the size of basketballs? Some of them are. David Karp treats us to an insiderís look at many little-known facts about this fine fruit
A Southern Luther Burbank
Thatís what they called Dr. Robert Dunstan. Aurelia Dunstan Wallace weaves an interesting history about her father, the famed horticulturist
How Much Water Does a Tree Need?
Following up on a promise in the March/April issue, here is official data from the state of California on evapotranspiration zones and daily rates
2000 Festival of FruitTM Announced
2000 Fruit Shoot Photo Contest
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Organic Gardening (An Organic Farewell)
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