Fruit Gardener

Volume 32, No. 2 - March/April 2000

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Ignoble Vignoble
With subtle but light-hearted derisiveness, Todd Kennedy provides a little-known inside scoop on the rather common parentage of a few high-brow grape varieties
An Introduction to Pruning -- Nature’s Way
With tongue in cheek, Leo Mallette furnishes a few pointers on how not to interfere with natural processes in our yards and gardens
Antique Grapes
Lon Rombough reports that antique grapes are interesting but the new varieties taste better
The Pollination Crisis: Encouraging Native Bees to Work Your Orchards and Gardens
Steve VanSandt offers a primer, complete with project instructions, about how to attract and keep native bees to supplement or supplant the declining European honeybee
The Annonaceous Fruits of Tropical America: A Sweet Look at the Soursop
Noel Ramos holds forth with his second in a series about annonaceous fruits, along with a recipe for Soursop Champola
Clonal Avocado Rootstock for the Backyard
In addition to an article with useful technical information on how to make rot-resistant avocado rootstock, Riley Holly illustrates with step-by-step instructions
Avocado Misconceptions
Julie Frink recounts a few fallacious comments about avocados typically spoken by the unenlightened
Homemade Fruit Preserves
Bob Allen simplifies the preserve-making process and predicts the resulting fruit products will be a much-appreciated gift
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