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Volume 32, No. 4 - July/August 2000

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'Stearns': An Early Avocado
Paul Thomson, a co-founder of the California Rare Fruit Growers, tells about an early bearing avocado that is a dead ringer for the Fuerte
More About Avocados: the BIG ones
In her third installment of an interseting series about avocados Julie Frink describes the qualities and growth habits of some big ones
Beware of Toxic Planting Media
Bob Ludekens' long experience with planting media in a commercial setting yields a wealth of practical knowledge about the hazards of tannic acids
The Genus Actinidia: More than Kiwifruit
In an eye-opening pictorial article Roger Meyer shows and tells why one should not be bound by conventional thinking when it comes to kiwifruit
Pruning and Shaping Your Avocado Trees
Riley Holly instructs on how to employ "canopy management" on your avocado trees to control their size and make their fruit much more accessible
Pruining for Fruit Thinning
Eph Konigsberg holds forth on the advantages of strategic pruning to improve fruit quality and accessibility as well as enhancing fruit tree health
Request for Chill-Related Information on Deciduous Fruits
Dave Wilson Fruit Tastings: A Delicious Tradition Continues

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