Fruit Gardener

Volume 32, No. 1 - January/February 2000

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A Word of Caution on Distribution of Scion Wood
Nick Lolonis points out the hazards of grafting or transplanting diseased plant material
Honeybees and Other Biological Controls Tackle Fire Blight
An elegant method of controlling fire blight is developed in the apple orchards of New Zealand
Noni and Awa: Rediscovered Therapies from Hawaii
In this era of alternative medical approaches, these historical therapies may have appeal
Two Reports from New Zealand
A study of winter soil moisture on papaya, and observations of pollination and allellopathic influences on Lucuma.
The Year of the Avocado Begins
Julie Frink gives a fine kickoff to the Fruit of the Year with a Q&A session.
Two Tours for Fruit Explorers
Noted naturalist and plant collector Chris Rollins designs two tours for the adventurous: the Southeast Asian Garden Tour, through Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia; and the Mayan Jungle Tour, through Belize and Guatemala
Arctic and Arid-Land Plants Have New Homes
A description of two new sites for conserving and managing plants important to U.S. agriculture
Pitahaya--A Fruit for the Diligent
Edgar Valdivia begins with propagation information about the pitahaya and closes with a caveat
Warren Lue ... Jamaica's Unique Fruit Guru
In the telling about his friend Warren's work with fruiting plants in Jamaica, Maurice Kong provides some insight about the status of tropical and temperate-zone fruit cultivation on that scenic Caribbean island
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