Fruit Gardener

Volume 31, No. 5 - September/October 1999

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Using Grapes, Part II
Lon Rombough focuses on making juice and provides a useful chart evaluating varieties' adaptability to mechanical juicing methods
The Role of Pollination in Lychee Fruit Production
Dr. Eric H. Erickson and Anita Atmowidjojo make preliminary recommendations on honey-bee management strategies for lychee pollination
Dave Wilson Fruit Tastings: A Delicious Tradition
Want some opinions on apples and stone fruit? Read this report by Larry Shore and George Quesada
Australian Finger Lime Moves Into the Spotlight
This reprint from Australian Horticulture reports on the first commercial release of ‘Rainforest Pearl' and even gives some culinary uses
First Reports on the 1999 Festival of Fruit
Three talks from the August meeting and a tour are reported:
Reflections on the Cherimoya
A six-pound cherimoya with only a half-dozen seeds? Edgar Valdivia says yes in words and a picture
California Tree Crop Problems
Neal Kinsey gives us a glimpse of the Albrecht Method of Feeding and Balancing the Soil, a five-day course sponsored by The Center For Living In Harmony

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