Fruit Gardener

Volume 31, No. 6 - November/December 1999

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Burma: The Last Frontier for Tropical Fruits
With the Burmese relaxation of travel restrictions, Maurice Kong goes on a fruit collecting trip and reports on what he saw
Reports from the Festival of Fruit
Four talks from the August meeting are excerpted or reported:
Jeanine Pfeiffer speaks on the ethnobotany of Indonesia's Native Fruits
George Emerich outlines the basics of growing black sapotes
Robert Chambers tells what to expect (or not) when you grow white sapotes
Nancy Garrison gives some results from her experiment to learn which blueberries grow best in her area
Raisins: Making them at Home
Lon Rombough concludes that producing raisins at home is more for fun than for serious commerce
Zinc: An Essential Element for Tree Health
Mits Kawahara says trees respond to zinc with a burst of new growth
It Hurts to be Stung by Fire Ants
The Wipe Away Pain! Company has a medicated first-aid gel to relieve the pain
Pollination Without the Sting
Wild bees are better than honey bees as pollinators, write Gary Aubuchon and Eunice Messner, and they tell you where to get them and how to keep them
Fruits of Our History
A brief account by Joel and Arlene Moskowitz of perhaps the first legal battle over the ownership of fruit trees

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